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Services and Rates - Traditional Thai Massage


I offer Traditional Thai Yoga Massage as my primary modality, but also incorporate elements from Ashiatsu and Tui Na, which are respectively Japanese and Chinese acupressure massage traditions.


These styles are based on the ancient theory and modern truth that energy flows through our bodies, and must flow freely for us to be healthy in all aspects of our lives.


All styles are performed with the client fully clothed and without oil, on a mat on the floor, or in a modified form on a massage table. Additionally, sessions always include a short pre-massage assessment/review.

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

Full body stretching, focused breathing, and acupressure of the Thai sen (energy lines). 

History of Thai massage

Description of Thai massage

Ashiatsu (Barefoot Shiatsu)

Another modality that uses stretching and stimulation of acupressure points and meridians, with the feet often playing a more major role in delivery of pressure.

Tui Na (Chinese Acupressure Massage)

A variety of movements to move energy, free range of motion, and relax the body and mind.

Rates (note: sessions always include a short pre-massage assessment/review)

            First time clients - 1.5 hours $60/ 2 hours $70

             1.5 hour sessions -         $ 90

             2 hour sessions -            $120

             Additional half hour increments - $25



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