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When I received my first Thai massage in 2007, I was deeply affected by both the depth, variety, and elegance of the technique.  At that time, I was studying yoga, breathing and muscle relaxation, meditation and Buddhism.  I felt Thai Yoga Massage was work that brought these physiological sciences under one holistic umbrella. 


A while ago, I earned a degree in mechanical engineering to understand cars. However, after receiving, then studying Traditional Thai Massage at the Sunshine School in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and getting certified in acupressure at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, California (now McKinnon BTC in Oakland, CA), often I am just as interested in the mechanics of the human body and spirit as I am by the beautiful '67 Camero that just zoomed by.


Everyone is unique.  We all are affected by mental habits, physical tension, emotional trauma, and injury differently.  I work with my clients to seek to find physical and mental relief in the form of release encouraged by movement, breathing, awareness, and relaxation which can often enable clients to see and solve challenges in their lives, tune-up the body, and bring mental and physical activity, striving and rejuvenation into balance.

My Massage Education

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage 

Sunshine Massage School, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Certified Acupressure Massage Practitioner

McKinnon Body Therapy Center (formerly Acupressure Institute)

Professional Affiliations

Association of Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals




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